Recent Event Highlights

The photos above illustrate some of the fantastic events and competitions that are a result of the continuous hard work from the Offshore Panel.

Our Panel

The Offshore Technical Panel is made up of a group of Pipeline Industry experts with experience in the manufacture, operation, maintenance, design, construction, commissioning, decommissioning and health, safety, security and environmental aspects of pipeline engineering. Its members include contractors, asset owners, manufacturers, and consultants. The primary roles of the forum are as follows:

  • To act as a focal point for technical issues related to pipelines on behalf of Guild Members and helping in communicating on these to members (by email and on the Guild’s website, by giving presentations at conferences and seminars and by arranging appropriate technical visits for Guild members)
  • To maintain a matrix showing the network of expertise available to the Panel
  • To meet on a regular basis and discuss current areas of concern to members
  • To propose solutions to technical questions and issues both for individual members and for the Guild’s Board
  • To provide information to allow lobbying of appropriate bodies on any pipeline-related issues
  • To liaise with the Utilities and Onshore Panels on areas of common interest and to invite their representatives to attend the Offshore Panel
  • To propose topics and assist with the organisation of annual Technical Forums on subjects of key interest to Guild Members
  • To consider recent incidents from around the world and to assess whether the UK pipeline industry is taking sufficient precautions to prevent similar occurrences and to prevent damage
  • To consider any forthcoming changes to legislation and standards and how that may impact on members
  • To review presentations from external experts such as the Health & Safety Executive on possible future issues or areas of interest with a view to their inclusion in future Technical Forums
  • To liaise with other industry bodies, UK and international, working in the offshore sector.

Panel Chair




Panel Committee