In The Pipeline - March 2019

SO THAT WENT WELL! The 62nd Pipeline Industries Guild Annual Dinner in London recently was one of our best-attended events in years. I’d like to thank all of you who came and who supported my nominated charity, the Royal British Legion. It was great to catch up with you and gather so many talented people with a passion for what we do under one opulently chandeliered roof. You’ll find speeches from our president, our guest speaker Simon Weston, charity representative Anna Pollock and more inside. Also in this issue, we investigate an issue that is becoming a growing problem for water companies – ‘flushable’ wet wipes. Despite repeated attempts to explain to manufacturers and retailers that they aren’t flushable at all – and lead to major (and costly) blockages –the people responsible aren’t listening. We talk to the water industry about their journey lobbying on this issue and ask how they think the issue will finally be resolved. Of course, it isn’t just the Annual Dinner that’s been happening at the Guild recently. Inside, you’ll find reports from events across the UK. In London, the P.I.G.-hosted London Showcase and Lions’ Lair saw five presenters step up to the plate and present to industry ‘lions’. Also, our PDN and various branches have arranged technical events, site visits and paper competitions that suggest a busy, thriving Guild. Finally, have a look at our new member profiles at the back of the issue. The bigger our Guild gets, the more opportunities we can all share, so their arrival is well worth celebrating. Enjoy the issue!