President's & Chairman's Statement

Pipeline Industries Guild President - Steve Fraser, COO, United Utilities

Welcome to the new PIG website. It’s a great privilege for me being elected as President of the Guild at such an exciting, yet challenging time. The infrastructure and construction sector has rarely in history been under such intense scrutiny. Membership and participation in the Guild and its events gives us an opportunity to both influence and drive a positive agenda for our companies and our industry in general. It’s been some time since my last involvement in the PIG, and it’s with great excitement I see a number of new and innovative members both from a corporate and personal perspective. It’s also been good to see that within the regional committees, some green shoots of progress from a diversity perspective are taking shape and this is an area I want to encourage further.

The Guild affords us the capability to stretch our technical thinking and whether through social functions or the structured development programmes we run, the ability to network and market both our own businesses, the companies which we represent, or the sector in general. We are a force for good in an ever changing and innovating industry. I am particularly keen that we manage to bring together the innovation which is clearly happening within many of our members' organisations and the needs of infrastructure clients throughout the United Kingdom. This is an area, the Guild, as the technical authority for all things pipes and pipelines really needs to come to the fore as an organisation which enables constructive and progressive dialogue for the good of UK Engineering and Services. We are uniquely placed to enable these conversations.

From a personal perspective, I am particularly excited to be a part of a revitalised Guild and group of members with an exciting agenda of opportunities and events over the coming months. Through my past involvement in Guild activities, and my family's long association with the Guild, I realise how much effort and determination it takes to keep the number and quality of both our technical and social events to the very high standard we have come to expect and I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my thanks to the staff in the Guild offices and also the regional Chairs and Committees with whom the Guild relies so heavily upon. I look forward to working with you over the coming years.

Pipeline Industries Guild Chairman 2018 - 2019 - Robert Murray, Global Head of Business Operations, Enzen Global