Webinar: Award Entrants Webinar: R2M 3S GSM Controlled, Battery Powered Static Valve Actuator

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We would like to welcome Will Garrod of R2M to speak about their shortlisted entry to the Guild’s Awards for the Landbased/Onshore Pipeline Technology Award This Award, introduced in 2003, is made for the most significant contribution to the Utility Pipeline Technology. The objective is to promote the development of new ideas in the general field of Utility Pipeline Technology. As with the subsea award, this award, introduced in 1996, is made annually for the most significant contribution made to land-based pipeline technology or its ancillary apparatus. The objective of the award is similarly to promote the development of new ideas in the general field of land-based pipeline technology.


The R2M / 3S Remote Actuator System enables retro-fit-able actuation and control of valves without the need for costly and prohibitive cables for power supply and communication. The 3S system is 100% self-contained with battery power and GSM communication (through the mobile phone network) meaning it can be retrofitted to a valve very quickly and easily even in the remotest of locations often where actuation is most prohibitive, but most advantageous.


The system gives precise control and will open or close a valve in small increments and can interface into an automated system which can open or close according to pressure requirements. Its integral reporting system gives information on valve position, torque used during actuation (a key marker of valve health), battery capacity and forecast life and other data to help the user control their network without the need to send personnel to actuate valves in remote or often dangerous locations.

November 17th, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM