Honorary Life Members

Each year, the Guild awards an Honorary Life Membership to someone who has shown extraordinary commitment to the Guild and its members.


Our 2023 Winner - Adam Wynne Hughes with Guild Chair Andrew Ball

Here is a list of all honoured members:

Jeremy Alhadeff

Professor Ruth Allen

Malcolm Ayers

Edwin Bannock MBE

Basil Barkway

Martin Blackwood

David Briggs

David Brookes

Cheryl Burgess

Phil Clisham

Michael Caulfield

John Collins

Les Dickson

David Esgrove

Stewart Gorton

Frank Gosling

Ron Hobby

Colin Holloway

John Houston

Norman Howell

Peter Jellis

David A Jones

Eamon Kelly

George Lenan

Raymond Lippiatt

Keith Mole

C G Moore

John Murphy

Jo Parker MBE

Roberto Pirani

Arthur Reed

Maurice Roberts

Michael Sheedy

Albert Stalker

Mike Stratton

William (Bill) Sykes

Eric Taylor

Ronald Valente

David Willis

Adam Wynne Hughes




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