Why Be a Member?

Membership Benefits

The Guild offers a host of benefits to its members whilst also giving members the opportunity to participate in all Guild activities. We have classified the benefits into the following categories which outline the principle activities and opportunities of membership with The Pipeline Industries Guild.


The Guild delivers benefits in the 'Technical' category which offer organisations the opportunity to keep up to date with all technical aspects of the pipeline industry. 

The Guild provides:

  • Technical Paper Presentations - this includes conferences, seminars and workshops relating to all things technical
  • Industry Awards - open to non-members as well,and provides the opportunity to enter the industry awards and network at our prestigious Awards Lunch
  • Pipeline Showcases - the opportunity to exhibit about all things pipe, also a good networking opportunity 
  • Innovation Days - the opportunity to exhibit and present at events as well as the opportunity to attend and network
  • Access to the Guild's database of technical papers.


Social networking is at the core of what the Guild provides to members, allowing organisations to grow their business through networking opportunities.

The Guild provides:

  • Networking Events - these offer members a fantastic opportunity to meet people within the industry all in one place, including; dinners, lunches, golf days, technical events, innovation days and more
  • Branch Dinners - each branch hosts its annual dinner throughout the year and is always a fantastic event for all who attend
  • Annual National Dinner - the pinnacle of all our dinners! Bringing anyone who's anyone in the pipeline industry together for fantastic networking opportunities and a great time at this prestigious event
  • Annual Awards Lunch - this event is a great opportunity to learn about new projects and technical achievements in the industry as well as providing a networking opportunity.

Business Development

Business development opportunities within The Pipeline Industries Guild are attributed to all aspects of what the Guild provides. Here are some specific benefits:

  • Newsletter - being a member of the Guild entitles members to send stories and news articles to us which are published in our newsletter (FREE!) which is circulated through our online presence and mailing list
  • Opportunity to use the Guild logo on your website and letterheads so other organisations recognise you as being part of the only membership organisation specifically catering for the pipeline industry
  • Providing the opportunity to have an entry in the Pipeline Industries Guild directory (online) where other organisations and individuals can find you and what you can provide.


The Pipeline Industries Guild promotes many of the events online through our website and social media, as well as providing a platform for organisations and individuals to interact with us. 

The Guild provides:

  • Regular email updates to keep you informed of events that the Guild are running, as well as supported events
  • Online Directory - access to search for all our members (organisations and individuals) by name, country, branch and activity, as well as access to the individual member directory, consultants and expert witness register
  • The Pipeline Industries Guild will promote your event or activity (including jobs and news) upon request
  • Ability to create a linked account (via the Guild database) for access to the members only area of the website.

Professional Development

We offer a comprehensive set of benefits to members by focusing time and effort into the development of professionals in the industry. 

The Guild provides:

  • Professional Development Network - the Guild is the only association to provide an event (the Annual Guild Conference) specifically designed to encourage developing professionals to participate
  • A platform for developing professionals to participate in regional paper/presentation competitions to enhance their knowledge and skills within the industry
  • Free student membership to encourage students to get involved in the pipeline industry
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development) enables organisations or individuals to demonstrate a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism and provides an opportunity for an individual to identify knowledge gaps and resolve these in a recognisable approach to imrpovement
  • Bursary - the Guild offers post-graduates the opportunity to continue their research with the bursary which the Guild provides
  • Universities - the Guild provides links to Universities which run courses relevant to the industry.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits which the Guild provides are as follows:

  • Extended networking with other associations (IGEM, UKSTT, Subsea UK, EUA, etc.) with member rates for events discounted when supported by the Guild
  • Opportunity to participate in HQ and Branch committees, including onshore, offshore and utilities panels. This will also enable you to potentially become a Board Member of the Guild
  • Discounted rate to the majority of Guild events as well as the opportunity to attend many of the Guild's free events and supported events
  • Yearly Certificate of Membership 

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