Guild Awards


The Pipeline Industries Guild technology and project awards are annual, open to all individuals and organisations and open to all sections of the pipeline industry.  They are judged by the Guild's technical panels on the following criteria:

  • Provide the industry with something it did not have before
  • Extend current technology
  • Provide possible future applications in cost reduction, improve safety or environmental protection
  • Overcome a challenge in application on new or existing technology in a new or existing area
  • Provide a reason for the industry to change its modus operandi

Entry Rules

  • Please note that an award entry may be submitted in multiple categories by checking the appropriate boxes on the entry form.
  • Each entry to include a signed entry sheet, a one-page description of the entry plus photographs and/or technical drawings
  • Entries are requested in electronic formatPlease email entry submissions to
  • Please print or type clearly stating the project/team name/innovation as you wish it to be referred to throughout the awards, using upper and lower case as you would like it to appear
  • Please email a copy of your logo and a copy of a photograph of the project/product or innovation in high-res jpeg format to
  • Award winners may include the announcement of their winning entry in promotional material, or other company literature. Such announcements must include the category and year in which the award has been won.

To download the Pipeline Industries Guild Awards entry form click here and for the guidelines and rules please click here. 

Guild Technology Awards

  • Large Diameter Pipeline Technology Award: As with the subsea award, this award, introduced in 1996, is made annually for the most significant contribution made to land-based pipeline technology or its ancillary apparatus. The objective of the award is similarly to promote the development of new ideas in the general field of land-based pipeline technology. 
  • Utility Pipeline Technology Award: This award, introduced in 2003, is made for the most significant contribution to the utility pipeline technology. The objective is to promote the devlopment of new ideas in the general field of utility pipeline technology. Guild Project Awards, The Pipeline Project Awards: Subsea, Land-based and Utility Pipeline were introduced in 2016 and will be awarded annually. The objective of this category is to recognise and celebrate technical achievement on a pipeline project across all sectors. 
  • Subsea Pipeline Award: This award is made annually for the most significant contribution to subsea pipeline technology or for the most significant contribution to subsea pipeline projects.  The objective is to promote the development of new ideas in the general field of subsea pipeline technology and projects.  
  • Large Diameter Pipeline Project Award: This award, introduced in 2016, is made annually. The objective of this award is to recognise and celebrate technical achievement on a pipeline project across the land-based pipeline sector. 
  • Utility Pipeline Project Award: The Utility Pipeline Project Award was introduced in 2016 to showcase technical expertise, achievement and challenges overcome in delivery of utility pipeline projects. Projects may be of any length, any diameter pipe or in any sector, including renewables, unconventional gas, power, infrastructure, gas, water, wastewater, power and IT.  
  • The iICE Award: The Pipeline Industries Guild launched the iICE award in 2016 inspired by the DNV-OS-F101, the offshore standard for submarine pipeline systems that was issued in 1976.  This award category is for the best idea for increasing efficiency and reducing costs and is the first industry award for an idea. 
  • *NEW FOR 2024* Health & Safety Award: The award is for a related product or project that showcases a significant step forward in Health and Safety within the pipeline industry.
  • *NEW FOR 2024* Net Zero Transition Award - Shaping the Future: Following the launch of the Guild's Net Zero Transition Panel, 2024 saw the introduction of a new award category which showcases and recognises the step changes in reducing carbon footprint within the pipeline industry.

Other Guild Awards

  • Ruth Allen Award: Introduced in 2005, this award is made to the young person who has made a significant contribution to the work of the Guild's Young Professionals' Network, now the Professional Development Network. For more information about this award please contact
  • Ken Spencer Award: This award introduced in 2007 is to be awarded every two years to an individual or company for outstanding contribution to the pipeline industry. This award is made in honour of K.A. Spencer of Penspen; a founder member of the Guild and National Chair in 1969.  Please contact for nomination form and guidance notes.
  • Honorary Life Membership: The award of Honorary Life Membership is awarded in recognition for services and contributions by an individual to the Pipeline Industries Guild at Branch, Panel or National level
  • J.W. Jones Memorial Award: The J.W.Jones award is awarded every two years to the author(s) of a written paper presented to a Branch technical meeting which best meets the award criteria (available from the Guild). Among the aims of this award is the encouragement of younger authors, although no age limit is imposed. The award is made in honour of the eponymous founder of the Guild and its first Chair, who died in 1971.