Statements from our President & Chair

Pipeline Industries Guild President - John Murphy, CEO, Murphy Group

Having grown up and spent my working life in the pipeline and utility sector, I was pleased and honoured to have taken up the role of President of the Guild this year. I’m looking forward to playing my part and helping us deliver on the next stages of our 2025 strategy.

Despite the challenges we face from the COVID19 pandemic and resulting economic recession, I strongly believe we can still make a difference. Investment in infrastructure can drives economic recovery, creates jobs and invigorates the communities where we live and work.

The Guild is well known for supporting education and awareness of the essential works its members do every day. I’m keen we take the opportunity to build on that. We should be looking at promoting topics that have dropped down the agenda; share best practice and successes; and drive innovative and creative thinking.

Personally, I’m excited about the role we can play while we do this. As our government embraces the need to be Net Carbon Zero by 2050, there will be significant opportunities for us to develop new markets, new technologies, embrace innovation and to develop the next generation of talent.

By working together, we can clearly show the benefits of our capabilities to the country. We have a real opportunity to lead sustainable solutions, thereby attracting the next diverse generation of people into the sector.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you all to position the Guild and its members as a sector that is playing its part for a more sustainable future.

Thank you.

John Murphy

PIG President and CEO, J Murphy & Sons Ltd



Pipeline Industries Guild Chair, Jason Wilson, Programme Manager, Severn Trent Water

I have been working in the Water Industry for over 30 years and it is both a career high and true privilege for me to be the Pipeline Industries Guild Chair.

Nobody could have predicted the Global Covid 19 pandemic or its impact, this coincided with the run in to my role as Guild chair. Like the rest of the world, plans had to be changed accordingly and I fully intend to help the Guild through this challenging time and continue to give its members the benefits they expect and more.

The Guild 2025 strategy is an exciting opportunity to keep us moving forward and it is great to see the progress made so far. I genuinely believe that with support from our  members, the Guild will continue to flourish and keep our industry ahead of future challenge. I look forward to your ongoing support, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas we should consider next.

Thank you

Jason Wilson 

PIG chair and Lead Project Manager, Severn Trent Water