Webinar: Safety of hydrogen blends in the Northern Irish Gas Network

The Pipeline Industries Guild joint Webinar with IGEM


Brief Synopsis: Hydrogen is widely seen as one potential route to decarbonise our energy system. Blending of hydrogen into the existing natural gas network may be an important transitional step in the move to 100% hydrogen. The role of research in preparing for such a transition is key. An understanding of the differences in the behaviour between natural gas and a hydrogen blend is needed to inform safety cases and technical guidance.
This webinar will introduce an 18-month project focused on the safety of hydrogen blends, specifically on the topics of buried leaks and flame stability. The project, funded through the Department for the Economy NI’s Green Innovation Challenge Fund, brings together three of Northern Ireland’s Gas Network Operators: Phoenix Energy, GNI (UK) and Mutual Energy, with the Hydrogen Safety Engineering Research Centre at Ulster University. The goal of the project is to develop contemporary modelling capabilities, and novel solutions for the safe introduction of hydrogen blends into Northern Ireland’s gas network. Work began in October 2023 and final outputs are expected in March 2025.

Presentation objectives:
-Describe the background to the project and the industry context.
-Explain the objectives of the project on the safety of hydrogen blends.
-Introduce the programme of work and the expected outcomes.
-Invite feedback and discussion.

Target audience:
Those with an interest in routes to decarbonising the network.

Speakers Name(s):
Owen Wilson, Networks Safety Manager, Gas Networks Ireland
Dr Sile Brennan, Reader, Ulster University


To book please go to: Safety of Hydrogen Blends in the Northern Irish Gas Network | The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM)


In collaboration with IGEM.


June 18th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM