Ramya's bio

Ramya is a lead business analyst in Stem-A solutions Ltd. She has masters degree in Environmental engineering and project management, from University of Leeds. Ramya has experience in Industry analysis; Business plan analysis of the client base (regulated energy and utility businesses); Assessment of key targets by client; Performance analysis; Analysis of historical performance of target client base; Identification of key challenge areas.  Her role is to support clients in their market entry strategy with detailed industry analysis.
She helps the client to identify key target clients and prioritised their market entry approach. Ramya also renders Go-to-market recommendations; Opportunity mapping against client's core competencies; Recommendation of key target clients and prioritisation. She strives to improve client's environmental, economical and social sustainability.

Ramya says:

"I believe that sustainability and environmentally conscious developments would be a solution for many global issues. This view, enriched by my experience and educational background, has influenced me to make sustainable decisions both professionally and personally.  I endeavour to act on the knowledge gap between the innovations and policy makers. I perceive PDN as a platform to learn professional skills, network with like minded people and contribute to constructive changes in the sector. I am delighted to be the secretary of the PDN and am looking forward to support the network."


Contact Ramya: Ramya@steam-a.com