Meet our Team

Robert Murray

Individual Representative

Robert Murray is Managing Director – Energy & Water at Skewb Ltd, providing consultancy, technology, engineering and innovation services to the energy and water industries. Bob has served as Chair of both the Midlands and Wales & West Branches and as a member of the Guild Audit Group. Bob is committed to the growth of the Guild’s Professional Development Network and technical programme.

Matthew Rowlatt

Individual Representative

Matthew is Managing Director at Flowline Ltd and has more than 25 years of operational, commercial, financial and technical experience in the utilities and construction sectors. 

Marian Regan

Individual Representative

Marian is an Associate Director with Anturas Consulting Limited, where she heads up their Irish Office. She is a chartered engineer and project manager. In her current role she provides advice to clients in establishing and running major infrastructure projects. She has been part of the Guild for over 15 years and previously served as the Chair of the Irish Branch.