WEBINAR: Pint of Pipelines Pub Quiz

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Everyone needs a bit of social contact during these remote working times, and what better way to end your week than with a pint and a pipeline pub quiz? Join the Guild for the second of our fortnightly Pub Quizzes…..


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Every other week the Guild branches and panels will be hosting a short pub quiz – and no, don’t worry, it’s not all pipeline themed! With topics for everyone, join the quiz as an individual or a team (max 4 people – you’ll need to join the teams call individually, and will have to work out between yourselves how you discuss and agree on answers, we’re not that whizzy technology wise!).

This week the quiz will be hosted by the Midland branch committee, but will be open to ALL Guild members wherever they are located.

As we think there will be a few of these pub quizzes, we’ll be keeping scores of the teams and people along the way – if you join in each quiz (or if you are a general knowledge master and ace the weeks you do join) at the end of the series we’ll announce the overall winner, as well as the weekly champions.

We’ll be trusting teams to make sure that Google ISN’T used – where’s the fun in that?! Please be honest and use your knowledge.

You’ll be sent the joining link when you register, and we’ll share more details soon.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

May 1st, 2020 from  4:00 PM to  5:00 PM