Webinar: Meet our Members - Radius Systems & Amiblu

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Following our Guild Conference we would like to introduce you to our sponsors of this event. This webinar will be hosted by Radius Systems who will be speaking on Rehabilitation of 8” and 6” Water main in Hindhead for South East Water and Amiblu who will be talking about Amiblu’s Flowtite GRP Pipes on Preston WWTW.


Radius Systems

Follow up to the webinar carried out on 16th July 2020 - Pipeline Rehabilitation – Structural PE, Semi Structural PE and Spray Liners. This presentation details an actual project carried out for Clancy Group working for South East Water to rehabilitate a section of approx. 1km of 8” and 6” water main in an area of challenging conditions

South East Water identified a section of 8” and 6” water main that needed replacing. The replacement had to be size for size but 900m of the 8” and 6” sections ran under a busy carriageway and through private gardens where access was difficult. Ground-breaking no-dig pipeline replacement technique, Rolldown® is used for the renovation of weakened and damaged steel, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement and other pipelines to restore structural integrity and maintain pipe capacity and pressure requirements. It uses a PE pipe as a liner, which once inserted and pressurised, forms a close-fit inside the existing pipework.


Amiblu working with MMB - Case Study Preston WWTW.

Measures were put in place to improve operability and resilience at Preston WWTW with the creation of new storm tanks and a pipeline constructed of Amiblu’s Flowtite GRP pipes providing 800m³ of additional storage.

As part of a £20m investment during AMP 6, specialist design and build contractor Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) were awarded the Preston Storm Tank Project. The project’s objectives were a reduction of stormwater spills and improvements to both the underperforming inlet works and the primary settlement stage. 

Amiblu’s Flowtite GRP pipes were chosen as part of the final design, providing a significant material cost saving, when compared to the alternative ductile iron option. 

Join this webinar to find out more about the project and which of Amiblu’s products were specified and installed. 






March 23rd, 2021 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM