WEBINAR: Green Alliance - SGN Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System (RRES)

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This presentation by Gordon McMillan of SGN will provide an update on the Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System (RRES).


The Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System (RRES) is an all-electric robotic platform developed by ULC Technologies and SGN to revolutionise the way utility companies, energy networks, and other industries carry out roadworks. RRES combines below-ground locating sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide safer, faster, and smarter roadworks.

The platform was developed to overcome a wide range of challenges faced when conducting traditional utility excavations, including third-party damage, disruption to traffic, and carbon emissions. RRES provides an end-to-end process with less CO2 and a smaller physical footprint than traditional excavation methods to drive towards net-zero.


April 21st, 2022 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM