Recent Event Highlights

The photos above illustrate some of the fantastic events that are a result of the continuous hard work from the International Panel and the international projects that members have delivered and participated in.

Our Panel

The business of pipelines is truly worldwide, supplying energy and utilities and essential infrastructure everywhere. No matter where you are in the world there will be pipeline infrastructure and the industry which supports it. You are also likely to find a Guild member at work or a member of the Guild who is looking to develop a project internationally.

Guild members in every sector have an international outlook and business perspective. There are members at all tiers who focus on global business and engage with the Guild from countries as diverse as Australia, Argentina and Azerbaijan to South Africa, Turkmenistan and Zimbabwe. The global Guild database includes members in 30+  countries as well as corporate members with international  headquarters and global offices.

The Guild International Panel focuses on:

  • Global projects and business opportunities
  • International conferences & exhibitions
  • International standards
  • International skills, training and accreditation
  • International market briefings
  • Promoting inward international delegation visits to the UK

As a member of the World Federation of Pipeline Associations, the Guild is proud to work with our sister organisations on the international issues that concern our industry. The following associations currently belong to the World Federation of Pipeline Associations: 

  • Australian Pipeline Industry Association
  • Distribution Contractors Association
  • Drilling Contractors Association
  • International Marine Contractors Association
  • International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association
  • Pipe Line Contractors Association
  • Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada
  • Pipeline Industries Guild
  • Russian Oil & Gas Contractors Union

Panel Chair 


Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson 

Since 1996 Sandra has specialised full-time in Pipeline Engineering for the water & wastewater sector. She has gained extensive experience in the structural design of pipelines and has developed a significant profile within the pipeline engineering industry. This has led to her serving on several British and European structural pipeline standards committees, guest lecturing at the Universities of East London, Brunel and Warwick, serving on the Pipeline Industries Guild, and supporting the UK Society for Trenchless Technology. She is sought out for help and advice from pipe manufacturers, contractors and consultants and has presented papers at several international conferences, including the ASCE Pipelines 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2017 conferences.












Panel Committee

Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson | Panel Chair - Pipetechnics Ltd

Keith Mole | Committee Member - McElroy

Mike Stratton | Committee Member - Mike Stratton & Associates

Roberto Pirani | Committee Member - PSE

Andy Ball | Committee Member - J Murphy & Sons

Tom Murie | Committee Member - Tata Steel

John Kelly | Committee Member - C J Kelly

Philip Berry | Committee Member - Future Pipe Ltd

Adam Wynne Hughes | Committee Member - Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd